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Yonathan Elias - Ebony Magazine’s Lead Correspondent

Yonathan Elias is an Eritrean/Nigerian TV Host/Personality, Actor, and Model from Inglewood, California, who has been stealing the spotlight in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. This Howard University Alum and member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. uses his brand of being 1st Generation in the United States to uplift other 1st generational men and women, in their hopes and dreams of following their passion, just like he did. Elias first became known around the globe as a viral sensation after he produced a YouTube video named “D.C. Metro.” He increased his fan base even more after co-hosting BET’s number one-rated music video show, “106 & Park.” Elias is also known for being a principal cast member of BET’s HIT REALITY SHOW ‘Grand Hustle’ alongside T.I. while hosting popular podcasts and TV programs aired globally! Yonathan Elias is currently Ebony Magazine’s Lead Correspondent/Media Personality and is storming the TV/Film and Commercial scene. So keep your eyes out! You might just see him on your TV screen!



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