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Jennylyn Is A Passionate Conversationalist

Strong, independent, and compassionate, Jennylyn is an experienced TV and mainstream host, who understands how important it is to ask the right hard-hitting questions, compelling answers from her guests, with style, grace and tenacity. As a multiracial American, she has a unique way of dealing with gender, race, religion and allegiances.


My Name is Jennylyn Pace Gleave.

I am a descendant of multi- ethnic parents; a father from Lebanon and my mother from the “Spice Island of the West Indies,” Grenada. However, I was born and raised in British Guyana, South America.

I was educated in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, lived and traveled in quite a few of the Caribbean islands, before immigrating to California in 1986.

I was involved in the Guyanese political arena at a young age and wanted very much to change the world, but discovered I enjoyed being on stage more. I was an actress and preformed on stage in Guyana and some of the Caribbean islands. I have always loved entertaining, especially acting as it allowed me to be other people..

Growing up in Guyana in a small town on the Venezuelan border with no television station, it is surreal that I am now hosting and producing my own television show; validating the saying “where there is a will there is a way.”

I love people and find their life stories fascinating, so it is a privilege for me to sit on the set and learn about the various people that I interview.

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